Foster Lancaster

"I know literally everything about Foster!"


Who is Foster Lancaster? He’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and all around pop artist that became an internet sensation from word of mouth and a catalogue of original music. Inspired by a call back from the X-Factor USA; and introduced through indirect association with pop celebrities; his debut on the site created an online following that loyally supported every release since.


His music is hard to describe. It’s got a unique lily white aesthetic and a hip hop reminiscence that makes it appeal to a very wide market. Although he’s a little unpolished in his personal presentation, he makes family friendly, love-themed songs comparable to the front runners of the industry. Critics have said his music is “good”, the delivery is on key, the songs are melodically strong, and all of his content is memorable. His single "IRL (In Real Life)" has amassed over 100,000 views on youtube, and his album, "Foster Lancaster" has been called his best yet.


His fanbase has grown up with him, and despite a lack of accessibility, his audience has found highly creative ways to keep him far more prominent than his competitors. His raw humility and poetic vulnerability have made the emotional attachment to his music and brand instant and lasting. He’s very active on social media… mainly Twitter, and he’s always saying something interesting, creative, and socially progressive.

Foster Lancaster is signed to his self-created record label, Covenant Records US and his music is available in all major online music stores, so what are you waiting for?