"Can @F0sterLancaster really sing?"


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Foster Lancaster is a “diy” pop singer from Detroit, Michigan. He first discovered his vocal talent in a high school choir class when he was chosen to sing a duet with one of his classmates. He auditioned for the X-Factor and was given a personal call-back for his online performance. His first sung EP, “Alive and Well” created an online audience that followed and continues to follow all of his releases. His music is “catchy” and “infectious” with impressive production, sincere delivery, and memorable lyricism. His self-founded record label, Covenant Records rivals the quality of mainstream labels in terms of creativity and efficiency and elevates his music high above most independent artists. His latest album, “Foster Lancaster” is widely considered his best and is definitely worth a listen.

"Remember that Lancaster video where..."

"Relating is overrated, this song is great!"

Not currently on tour, but open to all oppurtunities to perform. Booking email: biz.CovenantRecords.US.

"To my #Lancasterans, I love you <3"

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