"Foster's a diy pop singer now?"

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Official Lancaster Store

Official Lancaster Store

"How the heck did he make it?"

Foster Lancaster is a do it yourself pop artist from Ferndale, Michigan. He has a unique American aesthetic that resonates across all walks of life and all age groups. He started his own record label, “CovenantRecords.US” and it allows him to maintain a level of ethical integrity that other artists just can’t pull off with big record deals. His African American heritage has made him very prominent, but direct support has been met with a very mixed reaction due to modern American culture-shock. Foster’s song “IRL” went viral when it was posted on the hip hop blog, “RapIndie.com” and began his small exposure online. To some, he simply has a frustrating confidence and contentment. However, to most; he creates an unexplained long-lasting interest due to an unfortunately undeniable appeal.

"I remember all Foster's videos."

"I can’t relate to his lifestyle, but whatever..."

Not currently on tour, but open to all oppurtunities to perform. Booking email: biz.CovenantRecords.US.
@fosterlancaster IRL @ open mic #FosterLancaster #live #music ♬ original sound - Foster Lancaster

"Brave girls are hot!"

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